Outdoor Stoves – Tips For Using Outdoor Liquid Fuel Stoves

With all those activities that we do while backpacking, it is mandatory that we always enjoy hearty meals on our trips. That’s one of the reasons why carrying the right backpacking stove is so important. Liquid fuel stoves are designed to provide you an easy way to cook in a reliable way. However, liquid fuel stoves need more care than other types of stoves to function properly. The following tips will help you to get the most of your stove during your trip.

1 Not all liquid fuel stoves can simmer stove and oven repair pasadena. However, some stoves, which are not designed for simmering, can simmer if you apply less pressure to the bottle. Sometimes a few pumps are enough to get the right pressure for simmering. Be aware, that with this method, you can’t neglect the stove for more than a couple of minutes because it requires a constant repressurizing of the fuel bottle.

2 Remember that you cannot carry flammable fuels traveling by plane. So, always wash the fuel bottle with soapy water, let it air dry during some time, and pack it uncapped if you travel by plane.

3 At high altitude the flame of a liquid fuel stove burns rich meaning that there are too much combustible in the mix. So it is a good idea to reduce the pressure of the bottle and to open the windshield to permit the flame to breathe.

4 Using a liquid fuel stove could be a little cumbersome at times. So it is a good idea to become thoroughly knowledgeable of how they operate and how to make field repairs. Read the manual, understand it, and familiarize with your stove at home, before you need to do repairs in the field.

5 The combustible degrades in contact with the air. So be sure to always carry it in an airtight bottle.

6 Using a clean fuel in your stove leads to less maintenance during your trips. So even if the stove is multi-fuel, use it always with white gas for optimum efficiency.

7 At last, never use your stove inside your camping tent. The space is too small and can be filled with carbon monoxide quickly. The carbon monoxide is odorless so it’s difficult to be aware of the danger. Not to mention that the tent can take fire.

Conclusion: No camping experience could be fully enjoyable if our equipment fails during the trip. Especially, if it is an important component as a stove is. So, take care of your liquid fuel stove and you always will enjoy hot meals during your trip.


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