The Ten Step Repair Process

Many people don’t know or care when your car has been accident. All they are worried about is getting their car back.

However if you have ever wondered here is a step by step process of repairing your car back to it’s pre-accident state.

Step 1.

Firstly we arrange recovery or collection of your damaged vehicle to our modern repair centre. Once on site your vehicle is protected inside with seat cover, steering wheel and gear knob covers. Any areas of your vehicle open to the elements are also securely covered. Our senior vehicle damage assessor then estimates repairs to your vehicle. Should your vehicle be drivable you can of course come along for an estimate lg stove and oven repair pasadena.

Step 2.

We agree the method of repair with either a motor engineer acting on behalf of the insurance company or the individual or company paying for repairs. We then agree the likely costs incurred by carrying out that repair work.

Step 3.

Once we have received written authority to proceed with repairs we order the parts needed to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We only fit genuine parts supplied by your vehicle manufacturer via a local dealership.

Step 4.

Your vehicle then moves into our MET/Panel shop. Your vehicle is protected even further by masking the interior before we commence work. We strip it of all damaged parts and parts we need to remove to get at the repair area. Any parts that are undamaged and can be correctly re-fitted to your vehicle, such as door casings or glass are stored safely until your vehicle is rebuilt. We then commence any repairs to panels and offer up any new parts to the vehicle to ensure they are correct.

Step 5.

Your vehicle may have had a heavy impact, it may need straightening and measuring on our vehicle body jig, this is a large specialist piece of equipment which ensures your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition. New parts may needed to be welded into place, such as the rear panel or the rear ΒΌ panel. All of which will be carried out by our experience, trained technicians following the current industry and manufacturer recommended methods.

Step 6.

Your vehicle then moves from the MET/Panel workshop to the prep area, where the areas not being worked on are masked up to protect them from overspray, the repaired panels are then prepped and baked. Again this is carried out by very experienced technicians, helping us to achieve an excellent finish

Step 7.

Your vehicle is then de-masked and then masked again ready to be painted along with any new detachable parts or parts to be painted off the vehicle. We have two paint booth ovens, one of which is very high and long so that we can accommodate light commercials up to the size of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Using details encoded on your vin plate we colour match your vehicle. To do this we mix all of our own paint on site, using computerised systems, computerised scales and the highest quality paint products we can source.

Step 8.

Once your vehicle has come out of the paint booth oven it is returned to the MET/Panel shop to be refitted. At this point any undamaged parts are brought out of safe storage and refitted to your vehicle.

Step 9.

Should we feel that the impact of the accident warrants a four wheel alignment we will do so at this point, on our Pro-Align 800 Laser System. We may also undertake a test drive at this point; we are of course fully insured to drive your vehicle.

Step 10.

The new paintwork is then polished; your vehicle is given a very good clean and then goes through our final quality control check. Only when we are satisfied with the work we have carried out do we release the vehicle for collection or delivery

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